Globalisation has encouraged all parties to adapt to the changing situation in order to keep their existence. Those who are able to adjust themselves to the rapid changes that are happening nowadays will be left behind or even will not be able to keep the business going into the future. In contrast, those who are adaptive and have the ability to utilise opportunities in the marketplace will become pioneers in the competition.

The rapid development of information technology is inseparable from the globalisation itself. Faster information processing, easier access to information and lower information processing costs have caused the mass increase in the availability of information. This should be considered as an opportunity instead of a threat.

Accounting is an important factor for organisations to remain competitive in the globalisation era. Technology also plays a major role in transforming the role of accounting in this era. What used to be a bookkeeping function has now evolved into an engine to achieve competitive advantage. This transforming role of accounting in the globalisation era will certainly affect the business world. This warrants further research or study by academicians or practitioners so that we can understand and better prepare ourselves to face the dynamic world we are now living in. The fast-paced advancement of technology can also become an interesting area to be analysed to predict how far the role of accounting is in the business world will change in the future.

In response to this issue, the Accounting Department of the Faculty of Economics of Parahyangan Catholic University in collaboration with Association of Chartered Certified Accountants cordially invite academic societies, practitioners, business leaders, and other interested parties to participate in the 3rd Parahyangan International Accounting and Business Conference (PIABC) on the topic of The Future of Accounting and Business in Rapid Development of Information Technology. Your participation could take form in one or more of the following: writing and submitting papers on this topic; becoming this event’s reviewers, sponsors, speakers; as well as providing other contributions such as seminar participants.