The agenda for this event consists of seminar sessions, panel discussions, ACCA’s special session, tips & technique to write for international journal, paper presentations, as well as city tour.

A.   Seminars

The seminars will be presented by several expert speakers who will discuss the impact of rapid development of information technology on the future of accounting and business, and how they should respond accordingly in order to stay competitive in the marketplace.

B.   Panel Discussions

Panel discussions will be facilitated by executive officers from global and local leading companies from various industries. By obtaining information regarding various experiences discussed by a panel of decision makers, participants can learn from best practices and modify them to their advantage.

C.  ACCA’s Special Session

This session which carries the topic of “Generation Next: What It Takes to Become Accountants of the Future” is designated for undergraduate students (RSVP via each respective invited campus). This session will be held from 02.00 pm until 05.00 pm on May 4th, 2017.

D.  Tips & Technique to Write for International Journal

A sharing session about tips and technique to write for international journal will be conducted. This session is held especially for academic societies as researchers to improve their abilities on writing a good manuscript. This session will hopefully enhance the publishability of their paper in a reputable international journal.

E.   Paper Presentations

The call for papers participants could present their papers to share their ideas with others and get new insights. Participants of the call for paper may choose among the following topics

1. Management Accounting
2. Accounting Information Systems
3. Taxation
4. Auditing
5. Behavioral Issues in Accounting
6. Financial Accounting and Reporting
7. Banking and Finance
8. E-commerce
9. International Business
10. Management Science
11. Marketing
12. Quality and Productivity Management
13. Strategic Management
14. Other topics related to accounting and business

Papers received will be selected through a double-blind review process. Selected papers will be published in the conference proceedings book.

F.    Bandung City Tour

Bandung City Tour will be the conclusion of this event. Participants will have a chance to get a closer look of Bandung City using Bandros (Bandung Tour on the Bus).